Coconut Lampanah is a tall coconut variety in the native of Aceh Besar District, Aceh Province. Characteristics of this variety are grown on dry land wet climate with high place <300 m above sea level, rainfall> 1500 – 2000 mm per year with dry month <6 months dry, start flowering 5 years, 6 year harvesting and various fruit have a circle polar is longer than the equatorial circumference.

The tall coconut Lampanah has 13.35 bunches/tree, the amount of fruit is 9,25 pieces/bunch or the average is 138 pieces/tree/year, the weight of fresh coconut endosperm is 449 g/piece or about 224 gr of copra/piece and potential copra production is 30.97 kg/tree/ year or 3.80 tons copra/ha/year with a fat content of 66.40, copra water content of about 3.42% and protein about 6.81%. Total saturated fatty acids 94.27%, medium saturated fatty acids 67.21%, and 46.50% lauric acid content. This coconut water also meets the standards of healthy drinking water, the number of female flowers and fruits are also relatively large.