One of the obstacles in the development of coconut plants is the wilting disease of Kalimantan which has caused economic losses for coconut farmers.According to the results of the analysis, symptoms of the disease caused by Mycoplasma Like Organism (MLO) called Phytoplasma is the production of the fruit and fruit decreased to 50% and decreased the number of midrib and the bottom yellow and gradually dry, fall and eventually die. Another symptom is the fall and not formed endosperm flowers and would be flowers are not open and dry. Attacks occur at the age level of productive plants and develop very quickly (Figure 1).

Figure 1. a) attack symptoms, b) illness, c) rotting spear leaves, d)stem rotten and not open.(Source: Waroka, 2005)

Phytoplasma transmission occurs naturally through an insect vector that has a piercing and sucking mouth type device of the Homoptera order. Phytoplasmacan also spread through dodders Cascutaceae and vegetative propagation (attachment of infected plants to healthy plants).

Until now there is no effective control technology to eradicate this disease because Phytoplasma can not dikulturkan on growing media making it difficult for laboratory testing. Some recommended control measures are:

  • Regular garden cleaning and routine fertilization
  • Cutting of diseased plants, expelled and burned
  • Weed cleaning and spraying of insecticides
  • Logging if there is a new attack
  • Injection of antibiotic hydro oxytetracyclin 3-6 cc/tree/year
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