Coconut sugar originating from sap is one alternative to reduce the dependence of imported cane sugar. In addition to having a higher nutrient content than sugar cane, coconut sugar can be a safe sweetener for diabetics because of its low glycemic index value of only 35. This varietiy of dwarf coconut is considered as the most economical as a sap producer because of its short stems making it easier to tap sap.

The result of IPCRI research shows that the productivity of sap is influenced by its varieties, season, plant age and tapping skill. The results of the research conducted on 7 varieties of dwarf coconut (Table 1) showed that the dwarf coconut Tebing Tinggi (GTT) produced the highest sap, 2172.38 ml/tree/day and the longest tapped (19,00 days).

Table 1 . Production of sap / tree / day and length of interception of several varieties of dwarf

This variety has sugar content ranges between 13.51% -14.77% with the degree of acidity (pH) 6.17-6.41 has been qualified as a raw material for making sugar. To avoid the process of fermentation, must be used preservatives such as coconut husk that is inserted into the container sap before the tapping.