The coconut-related technology innovation produced by the Agency for Agricultural Research and Development aims to improve the productivity of coconut farmers and other stakeholders. In order to increase the productivity of coconuts, starting in 2017 IAARD will produce seed sources to build the main gardens in the main centers which will be given free of charge to farmers. “Hopefully the support of the Ministry of Agriculture through the seed program will be able to restore the glory of coconut in Indonesia,” said Fadjry Djufry, Head of Research and Development Center of Plantation.

Head of Research Institute of Palma, Ismail Maskromo stated, Balit Palma has prepared superior coconut plant material that has been released consists of 20 varieties of coconut Tall, 7 varieties of coconut Dwarf and 5 varieties of coconut hybrids. All of these varieties can be used to support rejuvenation, rehabilitation and expansion. The superior coconut varieties in the national that have been released are coconut Tall Mapanget with copra production of 3.3 tons / ha / year:  Tall Tenga, Tall Bali and Tall Sawarna with 3 tons of copra / ha / year; and Palu with production of 2.8 tons of copra / ha / year. In every province of coconut tall production center, if there is a good and specific population, especially if the production is high, then IPCRI cooperates with the local government to recommend coconut tall as superior. “If it has been released can be used for development throughout Indonesia. But because the volume of coconut seed is large so the cost of inter island is high, it is more widely used in the local area. Local superior varieties are also potentially disseminated to various coconut production centers.Examples of coconut Gorontalo Tall Monowahu, Panua and Kramat; NTT Adonara; Yogyakarta Bojong Bulat and Central Sulawesi Buol ST, “he said.
The national high yielding coconut dwarf varieties that have been released are characterized by rapid fruit production and slow height increase. Previously widely used for the production of young coconut,now the sap is extracted for the manufacturing palm sugar. The superior coconut that has been released is coconut dwarf Yellow Nias, Yellow Bali, Salak and Raja. Characteristics are start flowering/fruitful aged 2-3 years and very potential for sap extraction. Coconut dwarf sometimes contain kopyor coconut. The presentation of kopyor fruits produced by kopyor trees with natural propagation for tall coconut is 10-20% and 30-40% in dwarf coconut. With the propagation technology of embryo kopyor cultivation, potential is 100%.

The coconut hybrid breeding IPCRI was released in 1984, namely KHINA (Indonesian Hybrid Coconut) 1 which is the result of a cross breading of Yellow Nias dwarf Coconut with coconut tall Tenga; KHINA 2 coconut tall Yellow Fruit Nias with coconut dwarf Bali and KHINA 3 coconut tall Yellow Nias with coconut tall Palu. The characteristics are, start flowering age 3-3,5 year, copra production above 3 ton/ha/year and potentially used for saps production.

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